GenX ESPL is one of the leading teacher recruitment agencies.

We are working in an era that belongs to people who can learn and relearn. Staying abreast of the latest technologies and trends in various sectors and constant training on the newer parameters is pivotal for being a front runner in this challenging environment. Also, in today's work situation, training and corporate development professionals are faced with a variety of challenges.

Education and training are two vitally important issues, representing the means to nurture tomorrow's talent and promote ever higher standards, at personal as well as organizational levels. They are acting as a solution provider for all these requirements. The focus on educational and career achievement is fueling a strong demand for good quality candidates, having the aptitude, skill and diligence to serve this industry.

We, at GenX ESPL , help our clients address these challenges and ensure that their employees are aligned with their corporate business objectives. This task is facilitated with the help of trainers and educationalists at the right levels. We work with our candidates on a long-term basis, identifying their career and personal ambitions and then help them to take that next vital step.

Its teacher recruitment services are subdivided into two categories: 1) recruitment for teachers looking to travel abroad, and 2) professional recruitment services for schools, ministries of education, and international educational institutions.

Teacher Recruitment for Schools

GenX ESPL is a leading teacher recruitment agency. It sets itself apart from other teacher recruitment agencies in the following three ways:


GenX ESPL offers professional recruitment services for hiring teachers, acquiring executive faculty (principal and school administration, university faculty), and recruitment consulting (government recruitment initiatives, planning and HR for private schools).

Teacher Recruitment for Teachers

GenX ESPL’s recruitment is unique: instead of focusing on the teacher’s qualifications alone, the recruitment process is also equally focused on screening international schools. GenX ESPL’s recruitment methods include the following key features:

Finding the perfect school for each candidate through careful screening of schools and teachers
Access to the largest variety of teaching jobs overseas
Recruitment support through the entire process: application, placement, returning home

GenX ESPL recognizes that happy teachers generally equates to high quality instruction. Therefore GenX ESPL strives to engender meaningful, lasting relationships between teacher and educational institution to make the teaching experience a positive one.

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