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GenX Education Services Private Limited has launched an initiative to set up a world-class schools in different parts of India under CSR programme.
GenX Education Services Private Limited acts as a catalyst for providing high quality education to all children in India through a three-pronged approach, which includes:
Plugging the quality deficit in our primary classrooms through out-of-the-box ideas using technology, organizational design, human resource strategies and community engagement in partnership with organizations across the country.
Designing a model for rural K12 schools of high quality that helps children in rural areas to gain access to better educational opportunities.
Providing training in life and work skills, outside of the formal education system to adolescent girls and boys, to enable them to live a materially improved, more fulfilled life.
To fulfil our mission we have chosen a path of building a school for the children who belong not only to the privileged class but also for those who are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Our aim is to modify the path of progress in such a manner that the disparity between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ are reduced.
GenX Education Services Private Limited has launched an initiative to set up a world-class schools in different parts of India under CSR programme. Genx Education Services Private Limited is a team of highly dedicated and experienced teachers and other professionals who are focused on bringing a change in Indian society by introducing a system of education that would equip the generation next with adequate tools to be a global citizen yet be dedicated towards the country of their birth. We visualize on making our students to be competitive at the material level yet be seeped in values systems.
Education is definitely the key to progress in the 21st century.
Thus to fulfill this mission we aim at a residential cum day-boarding co-educational CBSE/IB school with all requisite amenities so as to provide a conducive atmosphere for teaching-learning to take place. Our aim is not to open just another school. Today with the advancement in technology a child can learn the basic skills all by himself but our focus is on learning to be a human being of substance.
GenX education services Private limited Invites private money lender or business firm to be the part of Genx International School , English Medium Co-educational Residential school in Kolkata and Later on other parts of India . The Motto behind our project is 'Building Capabilities through Holistic Education'. The team Genx offers you high return on investment and be part of a noble cause . Since Genx Education Services Private Limited is a company of working middle class professionals it is practically impossible to generate the funds needed for such a project. We are thus looking for investors to work in tandem with us, who could be our financial partner in this noble work. We assure you that since all our members are in the field of education for more than 10 years in various capacities as a teacher, a facilitator and as an administrator, we understand the need and psyche of the generation next better than even the parents today. Thus we can guarantee all success in this venture.
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